Hand Controls & Wheelchair Restraints

Hand Controls

Sacramento Van Conversions, Inc. is proud to offer MPS Monarch Mark 1-A Hand Controls. MPS Hand Controls are recommended most often by rehabilitation driving specialists because of their quality and safety ratings.

Installation of these products requires a minimum amount of modifications to the vehicle.


  • Large comfortable hand grip
  • Operating handle adjustable for each driver’s optimal comfort
  • Adjustable mounting assembly to provide maximum leg room and proper alignment
  • Adjustable brake attachment rod to match each application
  • Universal accelerator attachment to provide proper accelerator leverage
  • An advanced accelerator return spring that allows the accelerator pedal to move freely without the movement of the operating handle when driven without the hand control by others
  • Retains tilt steering wheel option for most cars with this feature
  • Easily reinstalled to a new or different vehicle


Optional Accessories:
Brake Only
Toggle Type Dimmer Switch and Horn Button

Other Driving Aids:
Left Hand Gear Lever/Right Hand Turn Signal
Parking Brake Extension
Left Foot Gas Pedal with Quick Release Base

Certification is needed to drive with mobility assistance products. If you need driver training with hand controls we recommend these Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists. (Click the highlighted words to go to their website.) They also provide clinical evaluations and driver assessments.

Wheelchair Restraints

Finally an excellent docking system alternative!

  • Removable cover for efficient servicing
  • Constructed of high quality, heat treated, anti-corrosive metal
  • Micro switch protection
  • Mutlitple release points
  • Crash tested, meets & exceeds performance requirements of SAE
  • Extended warranty
  • A variety of wheelchair brackets available



  • Single zinc knob
  • Interchangeable retractors
  • Securing Retractors Swivel
  • Lap belt attachment on retractor
  • Serialized
  • Unique J-Hook
  • Extended Warranty
  • Release Lever

Q-5001Completely integrated Manual Belt System

Q-5000 systems are engineered as complete kits. Every component is
designed, engineered and tested to work with all of the other
components to prevent passenger injury.

The system can accommodate virtually all wheelchair designs including scooter chairs.

The EZ Lock System

Heavy gauge steel construction. Relentless crash sled testing. Meeting and exceeding every industry requirement.

All part of what makes EZ Lock a true leader in long-lasting durability. And security.

Once our base lock is mounted to the vehicle floor, it acts as receiver for the docking pin attached to the wheelchair, making your entry fully automatic, and minimizing the need for precise maneuvering.

The BL-6290 Base Lock:

  • Casing is sturdy 3/16″ powder coated steel
  • Locking Jaws are 1/4″ steel coated with a permanently bonded lubricant
  • Entry into lock is mechanical, and release is attained by an electrical pull solenoid
  • Emergency mechanical release is also incorporated (in case the vehicle loses (battery power)
  • The base lock is mounted to the vehicle floor and acts as a receiver for the interfacing pin
    mounted to the wheelchair

The Wheelchair Bracket:

  • The interface bracket is mounted to the wheelchair allowing it to lock into the BL-6290 docking base
  • The EZ Lock system can accommodate a wide array of wheelchair styles, including both manual and power wheelchairs 
  • Although we provide an interface for most of the wheelchairs currently on today’s market, it is advisable to check with EZ LOCK, or your local adaptive equipment dealer, to ensure we have a system appropriate for your particular wheelchair
  • When consulting your dealer about availability it’s helpful to have a) name of the manufacturer, b) wheelchair model, c) model number, and d) note of any accessories that might interfere with the bracket installation (i.e. reclining or elevating seat, vent tray etc)

The ECU-3 Control Panel :

  • Functions include release, alarm buzzer deactivation for unoccupied use, and an array of warning indicators
  • Green light signifies locking jaws are
    completely closed and system is safe to use
  • Yellow light means locking jaws are not
    completely closed, and the user should exit,
    then re-enter base lock
  • Red light indicates system has been de-activated,
    and is for unoccupied use only

The picture to the left illustrates the wheelchair bracket applied to a standard manual wheelchair. The application pictured also includesthe front stabilizer, required for all drivers. The stabilizer is designed to minimize any tipping or side-to-side motion. The EZ Lock system is used for both manual and electric wheelchairs.

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